The CARES 2.0 application will be online soon via the CA ECE Workforce Registry. To prepare to apply we are asking applicants to login to the registry and create or update their profile information including their contact information, employment, and level of education. We understand that many early educators are being impacted by the “Shelter in Place” order and want you to know that the CARES 2.0 team and Children’s Council Help Desk are being mindful of the technology limitations and barriers of the workforce while planning for this application period. Our intent with going online is to make the application process more streamlined and accessible, especially during this difficult time of quarantine.

What you need to know as program administrator:

  • Employment verification for this application cycle will be based on the status of the applicant’s employment as of March 16, 2020, before the public health order went into effect.
  • Employers are being asked to verify employees via the CA ECE Workforce Registry. We understand that many administrators are not currently able to complete this task and are developing ways to be flexible with this request. No eligible applicant will be denied a stipend because their employer is not able to verify them on the registry- we will verify in another way if necessary.
  • We are working on finalizing the details of the stipend disbursement with the Children’s Council, our fiscal intermediary, and will share the payment timeline with you as soon as we can.

A  Reminder of Eligibility Criteria for CARES 2.0:

  1. Applicant must be employed by a program within the Early Learning Scholarship (ELS) or Preschool for All (PFA) networks (Click here to view eligible providers list)
  2. Applicant must be working with children directly for at least 20 hours a week (this must have been the case before March 16, 2020)
  3. Applicant must have an ECE workforce registry account to access the application

Please understand that we are currently unable to answer calls directly but if you have questions feel free to leave a message at 415-355-3668 or email us at

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